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Francis X. Suarez’s Wife Gloria Fonts Suarez Is His Biggest Supporter

LivingRelationshipsFrancis X. Suarez's Wife Gloria Fonts Suarez Is His Biggest Supporter

As Francis X. Suarez is no longer running for the GOP presidential race, people are curious to know about his personal life including his Wife Gloria Fonts Suarez, who is a Miami wedding planner and the Cymbidium events founder.

Meet Francis X. Suarez

Francis Xavier Suarez is an American lawyer and the 43rd and current mayor of Miami since November 2017. He was born on October 6, 1977, to his Parents, Xavier Suarez (father) and Rita (Mother). His Father Xavier is also a former Miami mayor. He previously served on the Miami City Commission from 2009 to 2017.

Throughout his life, he has been supported by lovely three women. His Mom, His Wife, and his communication director Soledad. Where He is also supportive and always thankful to them.

Francis X. Suarez Parents
Image: Francis X. Suarez with his parents, from Right to left (Xavier Suarez, Francis X. Suarez and Rita Suarez), Source: Forbes

His Mother, Rita Suarez is originally from Cuba though she came to Miami, USA, at the age of Seven in 1961. She always shares how she raised her children and says there are simply two guiding principles to raising children.

Suarez is often referred to as a “Kennedy-esque” because of his charming and good-looking personality and his good connection of family to politics.

Francis X. Suarez Drop out of GOP presidential race

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez became the first GOP candidate to drop out of the Presidential race. He ended his presidential bid on Tuesday after failing to qualify for the first Republican primary debate last week in Milwaukee.

Suarez shares his lengthy thoughts about what it feels like to be running in a presidential election for the US. He says on his X account:

Francis X. Suarez
Image: Francis Suarez becomes drop out of GOP presidential race (Source: NBC News)

“Running for President of the United States has been one of the greatest honors of my life,” “While I have decided to suspend my campaign for President, my commitment to making this a better nation for every American remains.”

Suarez wrote in a statement

Suarez won re-election as a Republican in one of Florida’s bluest communities by basing his campaign on his track record of success in Miami. But his campaign struggled to get traction since he only made a small number of trips to campaign in early states — three to Iowa and two to New Hampshire since declaring his candidacy in June.

Suarez is a District 4 Miami Commissioner receiving 86 percent of the vote in Miami, he worked for eight years Before being elected mayor,

Gloria Fonts Suarez is an American Businesswoman

Gloria, also known as Gloria Fonts Suarez is the Wife of Francis X. Suarez and also is a Cuban-American businesswoman who owns her own company.

Gloria Fonts Suarez was born on February 13, 1980, and is currently 43 years old. She graduated with a degree in hospitality management from Florida International University.

Gloria Fonts Suarez
Image: Francis X. Suarez wishes his wife Gloria Fonts a lovely Happy Birthday (Source: Francis’s Facebook)

As we know she is a great wedding planner, no doubt she is also the founder of Cymbidium Events a Miami-based wedding planning company.

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Many people didn’t know apart from being a wedding organizer, she is also a well-known actress for her appearance in the 1988 film l’alfabet.

Gloria Fonts Suarez and Francis X. Suarez’s Family Life

The couple’s love story began when Francis and Gloria met in high school, Later they married on July 21, 2007, and now the couple has been married for over 16 years. Francis and Gloria married recently celebrated their 15-year marriage anniversary.

Francis X. Suarez Wife Gloria Fonts Suarez and Children
Image: Family Photo of Francis with his Wife and Children (Source: Francis’s Twitter)

Gloria and Francis have two children together a son, Andrew Xavier, and a daughter, Gloriana Pilar, The couple shares that they are hard trying to balance their family life and professional responsibilities.

Even though they have professional responsibilities, the couple is always there for their children, they are a close-knit family and often spend time together outdoors, going for hikes, and swimming.

Francis always prioritizes his family life even if his role as husband, father, or as a Son. He is just like his mother, who has the same strong work ethic towards her family. According to the sources Francis took his hand off on the election for the mayor of Miami when he found out his beloved wife Gloria was pregnant.

Francis X. Suarez Wife Gloria Fonts Suarez and Mothe Rita
Image: Francis X. Suarez beloved women, from Right to left (Gloria, Francis X. Suarez and Rita Suarez), Source: Forbes

Francis was dealing with infertility issues for many years, and the couple chose not to take on the challenges of a pressure-filled political campaign. Now, we all know he finding a time in his chock-a-block full schedule to drive his two young children to school. 

Gloria is playing a supportive role as the first lady of Miami, taking part in community outreach programs and advocating for various issues.

Additionally, they take part in community activities and donate to several regional nonprofits. Gloria actively supports her husband’s political ambitions. She has a history of supporting him by showing up to his events. She also speaks out strongly in favor of education and women’s rights.

Francis X. Suarez Wife Gloria Fonts Suarez is a Businesswoman
Image: Francis X. Suarez Wife Gloria Fonts Suarez representing the #MiamiForHer movement (Source: Francis’s Facebook)

Recently Francis, post appreciating his wife saying “I am beyond proud of my wife”

Gloria Suarez empowering women and uplifting the community through her #MiamiForHer initiative.

He said that during this International Women’s Month, she is amplifying the voices of even more female entrepreneurs and women leaders in the community, providing them with a platform and a voice. Stay tuned for all of the amazing stories and people we will be sharing soon!

Francis usually keeps posted about his family life and about the children, whether it’s cleaning a beach with his Son or Hugging his children on Hug Day, he is always there for them.

He used to say:

“I will never get tired of looking into my daughter’s eyes. Her light shines like no other. I wish I could carry her like this forever, but I look forward to watching her grow up and continue to be the spectacular girl she already is.”

Francis says while carrying his Daughter in one of his Instagram post

My kids are my world. No matter how busy we are, it is always a good idea to hug your kids. 

Francis says hugging his Children on one of his Instagram post

Francis usually go to kind of Hiking and vacations with his kids

Francis in 2019 exploring nature in Kennedy Park in 2019 with his family. Time is our most valuable asset, so creating unforgettable moments with loved ones is time well spent!

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