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Glenda Bautista-Baker Falsely Identified as Dave Bautista’s Ex-Wife

LivingRelationshipsGlenda Bautista-Baker Falsely Identified as Dave Bautista's Ex-Wife

Former professional wrestler and actor Dave Bautista was previously married to a woman named Glenda Bautista from 1990-1998. They had two daughters together before divorcing. However, an unrelated woman named Glenda Bautista-Baker has been falsely identified across celebrity gossip websites as being Bautista’s ex-wife.

Glenda Bautista-Baker Falsely Identified as Dave Bautista’s Ex-Wife

Bautista-Baker recently issued a statement calling for the removal of private information wrongly attributed to her due to mistaken identity. She emphasizes that she has never met or had any relationship with Bautista.

In her statement,

“I am Glenda Bautista, and many of the facts contained within the article are directly relevant to me individually, you have mistaken my identity for someone named similarly and in doing so, have spread this misinformation publicly about my personal life across the internet. I have never been the first wife or married to Dave Bautista the celebrity — this is a falsehood that has made my professional and personal history public through the context of being involved with someone I have never known.”

Bautista-Baker says:

She goes on to say that celebrity gossip sites have no right to use her name, photos, or personal information to create a false narrative about being Bautista’s ex-wife. This has violated her privacy and put her family in harm’s way.

By erroneously reporting she was married to Bautista, Bautista-Baker says celebrity gossip sites have damaged her professional reputation and violated her privacy for no reason. They have wrongly portrayed her as a “celebrity wife” when she is simply a private citizen.

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Bautista-Baker calls for immediately removing all content falsely identifying her as Bautista’s ex-wife from servers, stating celebrity gossip sites have no right to use her name and likeness this way. She hopes the sites will swiftly correct the misinformation.

Dave Bautista’s first Marriage life with Wife Glenda

Former pro wrestler and actor Dave Bautista was married to his first wife Glenda Bautista from 1990 to 1998. The relationship was turbulent from the start.

Bautista started dating Glenda in 1989 after ending a long-term relationship. At the time, he was directionless, and the family he lived with wanted to kick him out for being a “bum.”

Bautista didn’t know Glenda well, but she gave him a place to stay when he had none. They were together for like two weeks, and then she quickly got pregnant, and they married in March 1990.

At first, things weren’t completely horrible. Glenda kept her job while Bautista worked at a gym and as a bouncer. He often cared for their baby daughter Keilani, born on June 21st, 1990, during the day.

Dave Bautista and Glenda Bautista First Daughter Keilani
Image: Dave with his first daughter Keilani who is almost four in the picture (Source: Batista unleashed)

Their second daughter Athena arrived on October 9th, 1992. But by then, the marriage was beyond hope.

Dave Bautista and Glenda Bautista Second Daughter Athena
Image: Dave Bautista with his second daughter Athena (Source: Batista unleashed)

Bautista has stated Glenda did destructive things that made life hell. But his daughters were the one good outcome. He says in his Book Batista unleashed

After their 1998 divorce, Bautista fought a lengthy court battle for custody of his girls, which he eventually won due to Glenda’s behavior.

His daughter Keilani now has two children Aiden Bautista, and Jacob Bautista, making Bautista a grandfather. Athena was involved in a scandal video but remains close to her father.

Bautista has not shared many details about his tumultuous marriage to Glenda out of respect for her privacy.

Dave Bautista’s Marriage History After his First Divorce

After splitting from his turbulent first marriage to Glenda in 1998, wrestler-turned-actor Dave Bautista went on to wed twice more before keeping his current relationship private.

Second Marriage to Angie

Bautista married Angie in 1998, the same year as his divorce from Glenda. Angie was diagnosed with ovarian cancer four years into their marriage. Bautista supported her through treatment and used his fame to raise money for ovarian cancer research.

Dave Bautista Second Wife Angie Bautista
Image: Dave Bautista’s Second Wife Angie Bautista (Source: Essentially Sports)

The couple divorced amicably in 2006 but remained friends. They had a son, Oliver, in 2002.

Short-Lived Third Marriage

In 2015, Bautista married his third wife, professional pole dancer Sarah Jade, 18 years younger than him. They dated for several years before tying the knot.

Image: Dave Bautista’s Third Wife Sarah Jade (Source: Dave’s Twitter)

Sarah continued pole dancing during their marriage, even winning the title of Miss Pole Dance America in 2016. In 2019, they divorced without disclosing the reasons. Sarah still runs a pole dancing studio.

Current Relationship

As of late 2023, Bautista has been dating an unnamed woman he met on a film set for two years. A source said she “understands the business” and Bautista’s demanding career.

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Bautista has not shared details about the relationship, wanting to keep this part of his personal life private after two divorces.

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