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Take a Look at Haley Pham’s Life, Her Early Life, Parents, Husband and Career

LivingBiographyTake a Look at Haley Pham's Life, Her Early Life, Parents, Husband and Career

Haley Pham is a popular YouTuber and vlogger best known for her self-titled YouTube channel. Pham launched her channel around the age of 10, initially focusing on beauty and lifestyle content. She has since expanded to cover a wide variety of topics, ranging from room makeovers to new haircuts.

Her channel still centers on beauty and lifestyle tips. She posts videos on topics like redecorating her room to showcase changes she made. Pham also shares videos about personal experiences like getting a new haircut.

Well in short she is a young, fit American YouTuber. She has black hair, brown eyes, and a petite frame of 5’4″ and 106 lbs. Pham was born in 2000, making her about 20 years old now.

Haley Pham Childhood and Family Life

Haley Pham was born on December 5, 2000, in Austin, Texas, where she was raised. From a very young age, Pham expressed a passion for dancing, which her parents fully supported.

Haley Pham in her Childhood
Image: Haley in her Childhood (Source: Internet)

While Pham has not publicly revealed her parents’ names, she refers to her mother as “Mommy Pham” on YouTube. Pham’s mother is Vietnamese and came to America in 1957 as a refugee escaping the Vietnam War. On the journey to America, Pham’s mother endured a difficult boat trip with limited food and water.

Pham’s mother worked diligently to learn English when she arrived in America, studying for 3-4 hours daily and skipping lunch periods to go to the library. She worked nights at the family’s Dunkin Donuts shop while attending high school.

Haley Pham Kissing her Mom
Image: Haley Pham Kissing her mom (Source: Haley’s Instagram)

Later, as a single mother, Pham’s mom struggled when she lost her job.

Pham’s father is known as Joe Goodman. She also has an older sister named Hein.

Dancing has always been a passion for Pham, and she has frequently discussed it in her videos. When Pham was in 3rd grade, her father introduced her to the video editing app iMovie.

At age 11, Pham started her own YouTube channel called “sodapop738.” She attended high school in Texas, where she experienced many ups and downs as she has shared in her storytime videos.

After finishing high school, Pham decided to forego college and instead focus fully on building her social media career.

Haley Pham’s Relationship and Marriage to Ryan Trahan

Haley Pham met fellow YouTuber Ryan Trahan through a mutual friend at VidCon in 2018. They began a romantic relationship later that year.

In 2019, Pham and Trahan launched a collaborative YouTube channel called The Traphamily to chronicle their lives and relationships.

While on a trip to Big Bend National Park, Trahan surprised Pham with a proposal and engagement ring, asking “Will You Marry Me?” Pham happily accepted with a “Yes” and a kiss. Trahan also shared a video of the proposal on his YouTube channel.

Ryan Trahan Proposed his long term Girlfriend Haley Pham
Image: Ryan proposed to his long-term girlfriend Haley writing “Will you marry me?” (Source: Haley’s Instagram)

Pham and Trahan exchanged wedding vows in a private ceremony on November 8, 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their small, maskless wedding drew some backlash online from people concerned about virus precautions.

On November 8, 2021, Pham posted a wedding photo on Instagram in celebration of their one-year anniversary.

Before dating Trahan, Pham was in a relationship with Gabe Chau. Her new romance with Trahan began after she and Chau broke up.

Haley Pham’s husband Ryan Trahan Is a well-known YouTuber

Ryan Trahan was born in 1998 in Texas. He celebrates his birthday on October 7th and is a Libra.

Trahan began his YouTube career in 2013. He launched two channels – a self-titled channel and another called Ryan Trahan IRL.

His main channel, Ryan Trahan, now has over 12.3 million subscribers. His second channel has over 971,000 subscribers.

Trahan’s first video was of a running practice session. His early content focused on compilations, field, and track training tips.

Haley Pham Husband Ryan Trahan
Image: Haley Pham’s husband Ryan Trahan (Source: Ryan’s Instagram)

One of his most popular early videos was “My Fastest Mile Time Eve – Schrader Mile 2017,” which gained over 250,000 views.

Trahan’s most popular video series is “Surviving on $0.01 for 30 Days.” He collaborated with YouTuber MrBeast on this series to raise money for Feeding America.

Today, Trahan posts comedy sketches, vlogs, lifestyle content, and challenges.

Trahan is the founder of the water bottle company Neptune Bottle, launched in 2016.

He studied economics at Texas A&M University and was on the track team. However, he left college to focus on his YouTube career and business.

Haley Pham’s YouTube Career

Haley Pham launched her YouTube channel in 2010 at the age of 9. Her content focused on beauty, lifestyle, vlogs, and personal stories.

Pham quickly gained confidence and began creating more personalized content that resonated with viewers. She shared videos about her first period, bad days at school, pranks, and other relatable topics.

In 2014, Pham launched a second YouTube channel dedicated solely to vlogging. She documented her lifestyle, travels, and tours. Her first dance vlogs went viral, gaining over 349,000 views. That channel now has over 688,000 subscribers.

Pham has used her platform for good causes. She filmed herself donating her hair to charity and encouraged fans to do the same. She also shares lifestyle content like discussing her breakups.

Videos where Pham dramatizes relatable life moments perform well. For example, a 2016 video about her first period gained traction for humorously narrating the incident and its impact on her clothes.

Now with over 2 million subscribers, Pham continues growing her audience. She credits her authentic, personalized content for engaging fans.

In September 2018, Pham released her first merchandise collection called “girly Pop” for her supporters. She also launched her own clothing line called Retro Reprise.

Pham began dating fellow YouTuber Ryan Trahan in 2018. In 2019, they launched a joint YouTube channel called “The Traphamily” to document their lives as a couple.

Pham continues to create content on her own channel and with her husband. She has expanded into merchandise and brand partnerships.

By 2022, her supportive fanbase called the “Phamily,” consisted of millions worldwide. Her main YouTube channel now has over 2 million subscribers.

Pham connects with fans by sharing relatable stories, like being stalked or embarrassed in high school. Her openness about personal topics resonates with her young audience.

Besides YouTube

Besides YouTube, she also has a significant following on her social media accounts. Her Instagram account has over 976k followers. She uses the platform to endorse various brands.

Some of these are Holler and Glow, Hollister Co., GLAMGLOW, GarnierUSA, Casetify, Sonicare, Amazon Teen, Daniel Wellington, Fabletics, and Hubert.

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She is also on TikTok, where she has over 2 million+ followers. Her entrepreneurial spirit has made her start an online clothing store. She has a self-titled website that retails hoodies, beanies, T-shirts, and stickers.

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