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How to Smell Good as a Man

LifestyleHow to Smell Good as a Man

Let’s not waste your time. Here’s a Guide on How to Smell Good as a Man. The first thing is to shower every morning. This is a must when it comes to smelling good.

The body produces so much sweat when you’re sleeping. That’s why you need to take that morning shower.

Here’s what you do to smell fresh.

Step one is the body

We’re going to start with the most obvious which is your body. Your skin and oil glands in your armpits and groin area are a breeding ground for bacteria and bad smell. When these bacteria combine with sweat that you secrete, it creates a compound that just plain stinks. The best way to combat that is pretty simple – shower daily and wash your body with a scent-free body wash.

Man Taking a Shower
Image: Man Taking a Shower (Source: Freepik)

Use a body wash that smells good. And invest in an organic body wash by Dr. Woods. It smells really nice. And if you see a body wash in the store that has some chemicals that you don’t know how to pronounce, don’t buy them.

And then put it on a loofah and clean all the dirt. There’s some part of the body that guys don’t want to wash. They get in the shower and just use water. That’s why make sure to clean your armpits and your private parts. Because this is where the dirt and sweat belt. When washing, get everything – leave nothing to chance.

Moisturize Your Skin

Since you’re washing your body so much, you need to moisturize to avoid drying out your skin. We recommend using aloe vera gel – it has no strong scents or ingredients that will disrupt your skin’s microbiome. Apply this all over your body after showering.

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Step two is hair

Wash your hair every three days using conditioner and shampoo. When you don’t wash your hair, use conditioner only to minimize the phrase. When you apply the conditioner, wait for 5 minutes for the condition to go through your hair. Then use coconut oil for hair. It smells good. It makes your hair moisturized and healthy.

Man Washing Hair
Image: Man Washing Hair (Source: Freepik)

We have a game-changer tip here. When you’re waiting for the conditioner, try to wash your face with your cleanser while in the shower to gain time.

Step three is teeth

We all know bad breath is the worst smell. We use our mouths to eat, so food gets stuck in areas, rots, and produces bacteria. Make sure you brush your teeth at least twice a day with Colgate Total toothpaste – dentists recommend it for whitening, bacteria control, and overall benefits.

Smiling Man Brushing his Teeth
Image: Smiling Man Brushing his Teeth (Source: Freepik)

Before you brush your teeth, use a teaspoon of coconut oil. It reduces bad bacteria in the mouth and gets rid of bad breath. Put in your mouth for 3 minutes and into the sink, because it can cause blockage. Spit it in the trash when you’re done then brush your teeth, an electric toothbrush, and you need to buy one that has a timer on it.

The bad breath comes from the white dirt on the back of the tongue. That’s why use a tongue scraper for that white. Then use an organic mouthwash. A lot of food also gets stuck between your teeth, so floss at least once daily. Brushing without flossing is like wiping just your butt cheeks after pooping.

Step four is shaving

You need to shave the armpits and in that jungle down there because it’s going to go with so much bacteria and can lead to sweat and a bad smell.

Man Shaving Armpit
Image: Man Shaving Armpit (Source: Freepik)

Shave with a waterproof Shaver so you can shave in the shower and it’s safe for your private parts.

Step Five is cologne and deodorant

The game changer is in this part here. Where People always give compliments about your smell, especially women, which is cologne. So use Nivea for men, for deodorant. It smells good and use it when get out of the shower make sure to apply it on a shaved armpit and then you can add cologne.

Man Using Perfume
Image: Man Using Perfume (Source: Freepik)

We advise you to invest in good perfume. If you have money, we recommend you invest in Creed. It’s $495, but it’s going to make people want to be around you 24 seven.

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There’s an art in applying cologne. To create that bubble around you is how to do it. Start by spraying two times on the neck and once on the wrist. One spray behind each is when people hug you. They can smell it. And one in the chest and that’s it.

Step Six is to Improve Your Environment

Last but not the least. We get used to the smells around us, even if they’re negative. Wash clothes after wearing them no more than twice, especially after the gym. Keep your floors, countertops, and stove clean – food smells spread. Light candles for a fresh scent and open windows regularly to air out stale smells.

Man In a Beautiful Kitchen
Image: Man in a Beautiful Kitchen (Source: Freepik)

When you apply these Six steps, people start treating you better, and you feel more refreshed and more confident.

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