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Importance of Sex Education

ExploreEducationImportance of Sex Education

Knowing about your own body is our right and the parents have the responsibility to provide with them the knowledge and awareness a young mind needs to know. Access to comprehensive sex education is a human right.

Society can no longer passively leave it to the streets or the internet to brainwash the kid’s mind with incomplete knowledge and set sexual standard values.

Meaning of sex education

It is a comprehensive set of knowledge and process of learning the emotional, physical, and social aspects of sexuality. Sex education should include information about puberty, menstruation, contraceptives, condoms, sexual violence prevention, sexual orientation, gender identity, and body image. Planned Parenthood is the nation’s largest provider of sex education, reaching 1.2 million people a year.

Many people think teaching children sex education is equivalent to permitting them to engage in sexual intercourse, which is not true. Engaging in sexual intercourse is their choice and if they are, they should be aware of the consequences and how to prevent diseases and unintended pregnancy. Knowing, skills, values will empower them to realize their health and well-being and their dignity and have respectful social and sexual relationships.

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Children are perplexed and demand honest answers. Comprehensive sex education should provide honest, age-appropriate information.

Need and reasons to support sex education in schools

Each youngster should realize that they can conclude who can contact them. Adolescence brings out emotional physical and mental change to an ill-equipped youngster. Sex training should be obligatory in school.

Guardians ought not to be permitted to pick in or quit something they will require in their life. Sex training doesn’t expand the commitment of a kid to sex however really does the inverse. Here are a few motivations to help sex training in school:

Teenagers have a better understanding of values and autonomy over their bodies

Sex education teaches the child not only the basics of puberty, body changes, and development but also gives a comprehensive understanding of their bodies and how to say no to unwanted sexual activities.

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Teenagers need to know safer options

Studies have shown that sexually aware students are most likely to say no to unprotected sex. Through sex education, teenagers can be taught the positive and negative sides of sex. They can learn about sexually transmitted diseases, teenage unintended pregnancy, and the emotional effects of sex.

Exemption from the feeling of being broken or being distressed

Mostly, a child who is unaware of his/her bodily developments finds it completely annoying to feel changes in the body. Education of sex prepares the child mentally and emotionally about the changes a human body goes through in the span of life.

The importance of sex education

The importance of sex education:

  • It is important for a person to realize the health, well-being, and dignity of not only themselves but also of others. 
  • Developing respectful social and sexual relationships will enhance life quality. Some people choose to be in a relationship, some people don’t. Some people will have feelings of attraction not restricted to one gender. But that’s okay. Every individual’s likes and dislikes vary. Relationships can be dramatic but all of these need to be acknowledged as human experiences, even, when they are different from one’s own. 
  • Sexual health can affect the academic success of students. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported that students who choose to not engage in a sexual activity tend to have higher academic grades than the students who choose to engage. Health-related problems and teenage unintended pregnancy can lead to absenteeism and dropping out. 
  • Good Sex Education teaches the young generation what constitutes sexual violence. Sometimes kids are unaware of the sexual exploitation they are experiencing, they hesitate to tell their parents about it because they are not aware of it. 
  • Good Sex education instills an understanding of how the choices affect their well-being and that of others. Having mutual respect results in reliable relationships, how we interact with other people possess a powerful and long-lasting impact on the people involved. 

Best age to give sex education

Some girls experience menstruation at the age of nine. Therefore, the parents need to understand that their child experiences sexual development as he/she grows up. One big talk won’t help the kid to gather knowledge and awareness about sexual activity.

If the parent is unaware of any such questions related to puberty, they can take the help of books, videos, or the internet, but providing the kid with the right kind of information is important. Mothers should take the initiative of telling their daughters how menstruation is normal and a sign of becoming a complete woman and fathers should tell their sons about nocturnal emissions.


Education about sex should be compulsory in every school. Comprehensive sex education is important for young people to prepare themselves for any bodily changes and maintain their healthy and hygienic well-being.

Sex education doesn’t promote having sex, which should be realized by the parents. Knowing about your sexuality gives altogether a better and more productive mindset and relationship in the future.

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