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Madeline Wise Biography

LivingBiographyMadeline Wise Biography

Madeline Wise, 33, is an actress best known for her various roles in many TV series, some of which are co-starred. She is also a member of The Actors Center and a founder of the New Saloon Theater Collective.

Many people have recognized her work in Crashing, therefore, the actress is gradually gaining popularity and fortune. Let’s deep dive into her personal life including her Early and her Private life.

Early Life and Family of Actress Madeline Wise

Madeline Wise was born on March 1, 1990, in New York City to parents Mollie Collison Wise and Jim Wise. She is now 33 years old as of 2023.

Wise seems to have a close relationship with her family, often posting about her parents on Instagram. In one post she shared a touching message dedicated to her father, joking about how he “hoarded the genes” that allow him to tan instead of burn.

Madeline Wise Father Jim Wise
Image: Madeline Wise with her father at an early age (Source: Madeline’s Instagram)

Got some pretty bad sunstroke once in Costa Rica. Dad hoarded the genes that make you tan instead of burn. Happy Father’s Day I *guess*

Wise also grew up with a sister. She recalls a memorable childhood experience when their parents took them to see the R-rated film “Shakespeare in Love” at too young an age. Her parents thought it would be historical yet fun, but didn’t realize it contained numerous sex scenes. Wise’s father had to cover her eyes through most of the inappropriate content.

Madeline Wise Mother Millie Collison Wise
Image: Madeline Mom helping do homework circa 1999 (Source: Madeline’s Instagram)

For her higher education, Wise first obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree from Bard College in New York. She then continued her studies overseas at the prestigious London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. This likely helped prepare her for an eventual acting career.

Madeline Wise’s Private Relationship

While Wise likes to keep details of her dating life out of the spotlight, she has confirmed being in a relationship with a boyfriend. However, she has not publicly revealed his name or identity.

Wise stated that she has a funny video on her phone of her boyfriend using a filter that makes him look like Sid the Sloth from the popular kid’s movie “Ice Age”.

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She confessed this silly video makes her “cry laughing every time” she watches it. So while protective of her boyfriend’s privacy, this anecdote suggests Wise is in a relationship where they share funny moments and can be goofy together.

I have a video on my phone of my boyfriend with this filter that makes him look like Sid, the sloth from that movie “Ice Age”. It makes me cry laughing every time I watch it.

She said in Interview

Madeline Wisez’s Acting Career

Madeline Wise first stepped into the entertainment scene in 2013. Some of her earliest credits were guest spots on TV shows like “Whatever This Is”, “Peacekeepers”, and “Other People’s Kids.”

In 2014, she also acted in the short film “A First Date”, playing the character Celia. These small roles helped Wise get her foot in the door.

Wise’s big break came in 2017 when she was cast as Kat in 5 episodes of the HBO comedy series “Crashing.” Starring opposite Pete Holmes as his on-screen girlfriend greatly raised Wise’s profile.

After the exposure from “Crashing”, Wise has been steadily working in both television and film. Her recent credits include roles in “Star Trek: Picard”, “Evil”, “Lapsis”, “Girl Friend”, and “Go Tell Your Fathers.”

She is now filming the TV movie “Lovestruck”, where she plays the lead role of Ally. This project is in post-production as of 2023.

Additionally, Wise is acting in the first season of “So Help Me Todd” on CBS. She has a recurring role appearing in 21 episodes.

Movies and Shows

2022So Help Me Todd (21 episodes): as Allison
Over/Under: as Rachel Steinberg
Single Drunk Female (4 episodes): as Stephanie
2021Lapsis: as Anna
2020Star Trek: Picard
(1 episode): as Yvette Picard (uncredited)
(1 episode): as Yvette Picard / Queen
(3 episodes): as Yvette Picard
2019Evil (1 episode): as Jessica Atterbury
2018Girl Friend: as a Teacher
Go Tell Your Fathers: as Chloe
2017Crashing (5 episodes): as Kat
2016Alice: as Alice
Snow Day
2000Curb Your Enthusiasm (1 episode): as Deidre
Table Source: themoviedb.com

Madeline Wise Advocate for Causes

In addition to her acting work, Madeline Wise strives to use her growing celebrity platform to advocate for certain social and political causes.

She has been openly critical of what she calls “nouveau-fascism” in America’s current political climate. Wise strongly supports maintaining a democratic system of government in the United States.

However, Wise has expressed wanting the country to evolve even further into a socialist democracy. This would ideally provide all citizens with basics like healthcare, housing, and universal basic income.

Madeline Wise Reading a Book
Image: Wise reading a Book, Famous People by Justin Kuritzkes (Source: Wise’s Instagram)

The actress also aligns with many progressive policies. She believes abortion and marijuana should be legalized nationwide. Additionally, Wise has stated she wants to see greater restrictions on guns and assault weapons.

Through her outspoken social media presence and interviews, Wise aims to inspire more socially conscious voting and activism – particularly among younger citizens.

“I would like the US to remain a democracy; I’d like even more for it to become a socialist democracy…”

As she stated:

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