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Things to know about QuarterJade

LivingBiographyThings to know about QuarterJade

Jodi, better known by her online persona QuarterJade, has become a popular Twitch streamer and gamer in recent years. She first gained attention for her skilled gameplay broadcasts of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds early in her streaming career.

She has collaborated with other top Twitch stars and YouTubers, often playing with friends from the prominent streaming collective Offline TV.

QuarterJade’s is half Norwegian and half Chinese

Jodi “QuarterJade” Federspiel was born on August 25, 1997, in Washington, United States. Now 26 years old, QuarterJade was raised in America by her parents and comes from a mixed ethnic background, being half Norwegian and half Chinese.

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QuarterJade’s is in a relationship with Masayoshi

QuarterJade is currently in a relationship with Masayoshi, a fellow Twitch streamer she met in 2019. After keeping their romance private for several months, the couple went public with their relationship in late December of that year.

QuarterJade Boyfriend Masayoshi
Image: QuarterJade and her Boyfriend Masayoshi together (Source: Jodi’s Instagram)

Masayoshi has over a decade of experience as a streamer and secured a Twitch partnership in late 2019. Over the past two years, he has focused his streaming career on League of Legends and VALORANT. He frequently collaborates with QuarterJade, playing together with her and their mutual friends.

Before her current relationship, QuarterJade dated streamer Lannimal, also known as Lan.

Jodi Began her streaming career while studying Biology

As a child, QuarterJade did not have many friends but later found community through streaming. She studied biology in high school and originally intended to pursue a medical degree in college. However, she ultimately graduated in 2019 with a general college degree, announcing: “I HAVE OFFICIALLY GRADUATED COLLEGE, Class of 2019.”

QuarterJade Graduation
Image: QuarterJade graduation in 2019 (Source: Jodi’s Instagram)

QuarterJade, also known as Jodi, was initially studying biology in college with aspirations of attending medical school. However, in 2017 while still in school, she began posting her first streaming videos on Twitch.

QuarterJade Rise Rapidly in Gaming Career

The year after she started on Twitch, QuarterJade launched her first YouTube channel as well. She quickly gained recognition for vlogging, live streams, and gaming commentary. In particular, she garnered early fame for her skills playing Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). Nowadays, QuarterJade focuses her streaming on games like Minecraft, Valorant, League of Legends, and Among Us.

A large part of QuarterJade’s appeal is her engaging and interactive approach to streams. She frequently does live chats with fans and involves her audience in the gaming experience.

As a woman streaming in a male-dominated industry, QuarterJade has faced challenges but also formed bonds with fellow female gamers. She has spoken about the difficulties of gaining respect as a professional female gamer.

A major boost in QuarterJade’s career came from her participation in the 2019 Streamer Camp organized by her friend Fuslie, where she collaborated with streamers like future boyfriend Masayoshi.

She has continued to play and engage with fans through various games like Valorant, where she has become very skilled with agents like Jett, Reyna, and Omen.

QuarterJade Slaying on her Instagram

In addition to her gaming streams, QuarterJade has a huge Instagram following, with over 631K+ followers currently on her @quarterjade account. She is very active on the platform, regularly posting glamorous photos of herself that her fans highly enjoy.

QuarterJade Instagram

While smaller than the Instagram fanbase, QuarterJade also engages audiences on Facebook and Twitter. Her @QuarterJade Facebook page has approximately 34K+ followers. Meanwhile, her @QuarterJade Twitter account boasts over 789K+ followers

QuarterJade Instagram
QuarterJade Instagram
QuarterJade Instagram
QuarterJade Instagram
QuarterJade Instagram
QuarterJade Instagram
QuarterJade Instagram
QuarterJade Instagram
QuarterJade Instagram

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