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Everything on Jacqueline Pelosi and her Family

LivingBiographyEverything on Jacqueline Pelosi and her Family

Jacqueline Pelosi is better known as the daughter of Nancy Pelosi, an American politician serving as Speaker of the United States House of Representatives since 2019, and previously from 2007 to 2011.

Nancy Pelosi is the only woman in U.S. history to hold this position and is the highest-ranking female elected official in United States history.

Jacqueline Pelosi’s Early Life

Jacqueline Pelosi, born in 1968, is the third child of the current Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. When Jacqueline was just 20 months old, her family relocated to San Francisco, California. It is here that the young Ms. Pelosi would spend the majority of her childhood years.

She attended high school in San Francisco, graduating with her class. Soon after, Jacqueline began her college career at the University of Southern California. However, after just one year she decided to transfer to Georgetown University in Washington D.C.

Jacqueline Pelosi Family
Image: Jacqueline Pelosi’s family picture (Source: Twitter)

At Georgetown, Jacqueline Pelosi pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Government. She completed her undergraduate studies in 1989. Ms. Pelosi then went on to study at the University of Houston, earning a Master of Education in the Arts, as well as a second advanced degree focused on Special Education and Teaching.

Jacqueline’s mother Nancy Pelosi is the most powerful woman in the Whitehouse

Her mother, Nancy Pelosi has served in Congress representing parts of San Francisco for over 30 years. She made even bigger waves on the national political stage when she was elected as the first-ever female Speaker of the House, serving initially from 2007-2011, and returning to the role in 2019.

Jacqueline Pelosi Mother Nancy Pelosi
Image: Jacqueline Pelosi, right, with her mother Nancy Pelosi, left, at a state dinner with former U.S. President Barack Obama and lady Michelle Obama (Source: Andrew Harrer-Pool/Getty Images)

As Speaker, Nancy Pelosi is second in the line of presidential succession, directly after the Vice President. The prominent role has cemented Mrs. Pelosi’s status as not only the highest-serving female politician in US history but also one of the most influential House leaders of all time.

In addition to breaking glass ceilings herself, Nancy Pelosi also continued the family political dynasty, following in the footsteps of her father who served in Congress.

Jacqueline Siblings, Political Strategists, Journalists, and Business Owners

In total, Jacqueline has four siblings – three sisters and one brother. Her sister Christine Pelosi works as a Democratic political strategist in California. She is also the author of a published book guiding running campaigns.

Jacqueline Pelosi Siblings
Image: 80s picture of Jacqueline with her brothers and sisters (Source: Washington Post)

Jacqueline’s other sister, Alexandra Pelosi, has made a name for herself as both a documentary journalist and writer. Their brother, Paul Pelosi Jr., follows more closely in the footsteps of their father, Paul Pelosi Sr. The elder Mr. Pelosi built the real estate investment and venture capital firm Financial Leasing Services. Paul Jr. now owns and operates this successful business.

In addition to Christine, Alexandra, and Paul Jr., Jacqueline also has a sister named Nancy Corinne Pelosi.

Jacqueline Pelosi’s and Michael Terence Kenneally’s Married Life

In 1993, Jacqueline Pelosi married Michael Terence Kenneally, whom she had known since she was a child. Their wedding took place on June 19 at St. Helena Catholic Church, shortly after the couple shared news of their engagement that March.

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At the time, Mr. Kenneally worked as a Business Unit Manager at his family’s Houston-based company Safety Systems. The pair settled in Houston where Jacqueline pursued her teaching career.

Over the years, Jacqueline and Michael grew their family. They have three now-adult sons – Liam Kenneally, Sean Kenneally, and Ryan Kenneally.

Meet Jacqueline Pelosi’s Sons

The oldest son Liam Kenneally strategizes innovation impacts at United Airlines while pursuing a degree at Georgetown University, his parents’ esteemed alma mater.

Jacqueline Pelosi Husband and Children
Image: Jackie with her three sons Liam, Sean, and Ryan Kenneally, and her husband Michael Terence Kenneally (Source: Twitter)

At just 21 years old, Jacqueline’s middle son Sean already excels as both a skilled athlete and singer. He played football while attending Strake Jesuit High School and has released musical tracks. An actor and model as well, Sean shows promise across many creative passions.

Ryan Kenneally, Jacqueline’s youngest child, also played high school football and helps his mother with her art program. He studies International Business at High Point University.

Jacqueline Pelosi’s Career as an Art Teacher

After earning her bachelor’s degree from Georgetown University in 1989, Ms. Pelosi attained two advanced degrees from the University of Houston – a Master of Special Education and a Master of Art Education.

She first began teaching art in 1994, discovering her passion for reaching students of all ages and ability levels. This work inspired her in 2005 to establish ArtMix Studio, focusing on providing inclusive arts programs for toddlers, teens, and adults, including those with special needs.

Over 19 years later, Ms. Pelosi continues serving as Owner, Director, and Teacher at Houston’s Art Mix Creative Learning Center which has grown significantly under her leadership.

“I believe art plays a vital role in our lives and enjoy exploring that role with our artists and through the organizations that support special needs.”

She said

Before opening ArtMix, Ms. Pelosi gained experience at the MD Anderson Cancer Center’s children’s wing along with other youth organizations.

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