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Everything you need to know about Lily Newmark’s Parents and Siblings

EntertainmentEverything you need to know about Lily Newmark's Parents and Siblings

Lily Newmark is an English Actress and Model who was born on May 8, 1958, Lily comes from an accomplished family, her dad was a Conservative MP and her mom is an acclaimed artist. She grew up with four brothers in London, attending a posh all-girls school she didn’t like. Lily started out modeling for Vogue before becoming an actress. Her breakout role was on the Netflix hit “S*x Education.”

Let’s take a closer look at her personal life, including her Grandparent’s roots and her early Career.

Lily Newmark Parents and Siblings

Lily Newmark was born to father Brooks Phillip Victor Newmark (b. May 8, 1958) and mother Lucy Keegan. Brooks Newmark is a British Conservative politician and former Member of Parliament, born in the United States to Jewish parents Howard Newmark and Gilda Gourlay. Lucy Keegan is an artist and musician.

Sir John Desmond Patrick Keegan and Susanne Keegan Lily’s maternal grandfather was renowned English military historian and author Sir John Desmond Patrick Keegan OBE. Her grandmother Susanne Keegan is a writer focused on 19th century history and the colonial slave trade.

Lily has said this of her parents:

“My father always had a good understanding of mental health but unfortunately, he had to work a lot so I didn’t always get time to tell him about [my mental health].

My mother has the most positive, amazing mind in the world, she’s a unicorn. I wouldn’t be alive without her, literally. But I also wouldn’t be able to survive without her.”

Lily said
Lily Newmark Siblings
Image: Lily Newmark and her siblings in California in 1994 (Source: Lily’s Instagram)

Lily currently lives in Victoria, London with her mother Lucy, and her sausage dog puppy named Wilfred. She walks daily in Battersea Park.

Aunt and Uncle Lily’s maternal aunt’s mother’s sister is actress Rose Keegan. Her mother’s brother is Matthew Keegan.

Lily has three older brothers named Sam, Zachary, and Benjamin Newmark, as well as one younger brother named Max Newmark.

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Her oldest brother works in genetics research in New York, her second oldest is a musician and lawyer in LA focused on pharmaceutical marijuana, her third oldest is a wildlife photographer, and her youngest brother studies creative writing at the University of East Anglia. She remembers frequently playing dress-up with her brothers growing up.

Lily Newmark’s Early Life and Education

Lily Newmark was born on May 24, 1994, in London to father Brooks Newmark, a former Conservative MP, and mother Lucy Keegan, an artist and musician. She moved with her family from Camberwell in south London to central London at age 12. In an interview, Lily stated that she preferred living in south London and disliked attending the elite all-girls Francis Holland School in Sloane Square, feeling it was a privileged bubble.

Lily Newmark Childhood
Image: Lily’s Childhood (Source: Lily’s Instagram)

“I much preferred living in south London. I hated Francis Holland. It’s such a bubble going to an all-girls private school near Chelsea, where everyone is privileged. They are not exempt from personal problems but it felt like no one knew anything about life outside Zone 1. Every day I tried to leave.”

She said reporter Susannah Butter in an Interview with Standard.co.uk

After attending Francis Holland School, Lily studied drama at East 15 Acting School. She graduated in 2016 (2013 – 2016) with a Bachelor’s of Arts focused on Acting and Contemporary Theatre.

Lily Newmark’s Acting Career

Lily Newmark began her career as a model, appearing in a number of high-profile magazines such as Fabric and Vogue.

In 2017, Lily made her professional acting debut as the lead character Iona in the film “Pin Cushion” alongside acclaimed actress Joanna Scanlan.

Following her debut, Lily took on roles in several additional films in 2018, including “Welcome to Mercy,” “Juliet, Nak*d,” “Dagenham,” and “Nosebleed.”

Lily’s breakthrough TV role came in 2019 as Ruthie in the widely popular Netflix series “S*x Education.” That same year, she also starred as Eve Milton in the Sky One series “Temple,” airing in September 2019.

Additional highlight roles for Lily include playing Jane in the 2020 comedy-drama film “Misbehaviour” and currently starring as the character Pym in the Netflix fantasy series “Cursed” alongside actress Katherine Langford.

In 2021, Lily was featured in the TV series “Dalgliesh,” the mini-series “Temple,” and “A Brixton Tale.”

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Then in 2023, she was featured in the mini-series “You & Me” as well as the series “Lockwood & Co.”

Lily has upcoming roles lined up as well, including an appearance in the TV series “A Place of Safety.” She continues to take on compelling, complex leading roles across TV and film.

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